Android Development Training Manuals

Now including Android 7.0 Nougat! resources

Android is increasingly becoming one of the most popular Operating Systems running on devices. It powers over millions of mobile phones across the entire globe. This presents a vast platform for app and game development for such devices. If history is anything to go by, then as a programmer, you should be certain that android is here to stay. This should be a motivation, just in case you were confused on whether or not to jump to it all at once.

It is one of the best languages to venture your career at owing to the fact that it is super easy to learn, results are almost immediate and because, well you want to learn how to program in Android.

For more than once, the biggest challenge facing programmers is not “How to program” rather than where to find cutting edge programming resources. Of course, the internet is the perfect place for getting materials, but where exactly? We have spent quite a long time trying to make android programming a walk in the park by putting together the best resources you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the market.

Android development is based on java programming language which is yet another amazing language to learn. So the best place to learn the art of android developing is from the actual creators of the language, the Google team. Following the Android Developer Manual from Google, here is where you will find guides organised in specific volumes for easy learning and progression. All our efforts are towards making the entire Android Developing journey smooth and fun.

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