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Android is increasingly becoming one of the most popular Operating Systems running on devices and here is the most comprehensive Android Developer Reference Book set for it. It powers over millions of mobile phones across the entire globe. This presents a vast platform for app and game development for such devices. If history is anything to go by, then as a programmer, you should be certain that android is here to stay. This should be a motivation, just in case you were confused on whether or not to jump to it all at once.

All books have been updated in Feb 2018

It is one of the best languages to venture your career at owing to the fact that it is super easy to learn, results are almost immediate and because, well you want to learn how to program in Android.

For more than once, the biggest challenge facing programmers is not “How to program” rather than where to find cutting edge programming resources. Of course, the internet is the perfect place for getting materials, but where exactly? We have spent quite a long time trying to make android programming a walk in the park by putting together the best resources you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the market.

Android development is based on java programming language which is yet another amazing language to learn. So the best place to learn the art of android developing is from the actual creators of the language, the Google team. Following the Android Developer Manual from Google, here is where you will find guides organised in specific volumes for easy learning and progression. All our efforts are towards making the entire Android Developing journey smooth and fun.

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    As of 2017, most manuals now run a difference from the previous version so you can see what chapters have changed, and is available on the associated page.

Printed Book

The manuals are in A4 format leaving spaces between the margin and the content for better binding after printing. These are meant to give you a feel of the layout of the manuals. Try them out, as printable and offline pdfs. You will be impressed with how much information you can absorb in just a few minutes compared to labouring through the online web pages. If a sample is available it has been taken from an actual manuals with sections removed.

Why use the DOCAND Reference Books

Without any doubt, the best place to learn programming or any other technical subject is from the web. This is simply because hard copies and books can get outdated easily and to get another publication of the same takes quite some time. But reading printed books especially the Android Developer Manuals, come with some sense of respect with clear origins. Many android programming enthusiasts always want offline guides based on Android developer. There are a million and one resources out there on the same, but why would you consider buying our guides? Here is why:

  • All guides are in pdf format for perfect offline reading on a computer and printing in duplex. The pdf format is the best for distributing content which needs no more editing. So we still know that you want the best.

  • Our books are well indexed and referenced for easy referencing, follow up action and for further reading.

  • Full Android developer package. Everything from Android Developers is well covered in these manuals to ensure that no information is left out.

  • They are by far the best resources for offline reading, printing, and production of EBooks.

  • All manuals have a free sample so that you can test them before purchasing them. This gives you the ability to know what you are committing yourself to.

  • Up to date manuals. We update the books regularly so you can be sure that they are just as recent as the guide in Android Developers website.

Looking for guides to take you through the entire Android programming? Well, look no further. At your disposal are the best guides based on the latest Android version all up for grab.

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