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DOCAND has created some new cutting edge Adobe MUSE Library widgets, Our widgets are of two types,  general widgets that will accomplish fantastic effect like slide in menu’s, with our REVEAL widget.  Administrative widgets in a  new style that give a comforting preview screen for hidden information that is required by OpenGraph, Facebook, Google+ and other SEO tasks.  Each Widget has it’s own distinct function, with groups of widgets to perform tasks at the required level of ‘masters’ or ‘single page’  to reduce the amount of configuration required.

Each widget has it’s own youtube video to show how it good it looks, how it works and how to get the most out of it.  The youtube video’s also include useful hint’s on how to use “Layered Master Pages”, and customising widgets into project specific widgets when appropriate.

The Adobe MUSE Widgets are available from the Adobe Exchange for download.

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Training Video : Android Font Boost Fix for MUSE


February Update

Docand are please to announce that, up to now in February, no significant changes have been made to the reference area from which the books are created. To calculate changes, docand keeps a copy of the reference materials from